just harked me directly back to fussbudget

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Boom. Mr. Oxford Nazi Expert. I tried to tell him. He would NOT get real. Drives me nuts when truly brilliant people are such TOTALLY unoriginal charlatans, stealing everything out of books — any media — and trying to make it sound like it's theirs... or like they get a piece of the patent because they can recite this shit. "Heavily footnoted" is code for "fancy plagiarism".

And it's not just Granny Fussbudget. It's very, very many highly intelligent people out there drunkenly regurgitating whatever they've heard or read, utterly complacent in their little bubble of superiority, and maybe even especially when they're wont to go on about God, light years from anything like spirituality or creativity.

It irks me the most when it's them, even though karma CLEARLY is sending the rubes into their orbits. Brian Berletic runs rings around people like that. When you feel unsure, look to see how much COURAGE they exhibit, and I'm not talking what they only say. Watch what they actually risk.

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