oh, this could be a little more uncomfortable than i thought

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It's been raining pretty good since last night, and looks to be going to keep it up for another day, but why is one source telling me the wind is blowing steadily from the east and this storm is supposed to be tracking to the east? Am I almost 70 and missed something? Or are the weather people being weather people again, or what?

Whatever, man. My ISP just emailed me to give me the news of this storm and what I should do about power outages from it... if I were a wifi kinda guy... which I'm totally NOT... but it made me wonder, and I looked. I tell you what, there just better not be any long power outage here or I'm going to have to go in hock to the rez casino restaurant hotel convenience store complex in a pretty big way.

They use generators to the hilt.

pipe up any time....