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We had to endure Cokehead Nazi in DC today, and some muscle flexing in Poland, but Medvedev and Xi were having a visit today and Shoigu announcing this, so, if the West thinks they're intimidating Russia into doing something rash, we might want to contemplate the notion of a WWIII with the not-really-enemies where THEY have missiles we cannot intercept and other highly advanced systems that leave us dead in the water, and ALSO allies with armies that outnumber ours by stupendous margins.

No. They're just trying to corrupt their way through to the last breathing Ukrainian and can't do that if they can't keep the Russians there to the last drop. You might even say that both sides want the complete demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine, just for diametrically opposed reasons.

I abhor this slaughter and the horrors for all the innocent citizens of Ukraine, but Russia has the high moral ground here and it can't be taken away from them, especially not when the low moral ground guys are raking in so many billions of dollars of our money the whole time.

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