yes, we had a big one last night

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I got a call from Herman, who was down in a motel room in Arcata, and nearly dumped out of bed, at some ungodly hour not too long after I'd gotten out of bed at 3:15am. There was a video on my white noise playlist that was annoying me and I'd gotten up to get rid of it, when the phone rang.

Are you okay?

Wut? Yuh. Patting myself. I'm fine. Isn't it a darn weird hour to be calling?

Well, he thought I might've been tossed out of bed too. I told him there hadn't been so much as a jiggle, but it's just now occured to me that maybe the reason I was suddenly awake and irked by the video blathering across the room was that an earthquake had just awakened me and I didn't even know that. Maybe. Maybe.

But, well, a hunnert miles south of me they are without power and 2 dead and 11 injured and about 100 suddenly homeless in Rio Dell. It might be worse or better by now, but you get the picture.

pipe up any time....