all balled up in bed

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Just getting to the part that makes me cry, a fist comes down out the sky and, bam, the power goes out. So I go through all the usual changes. Gotta pee. Gotta know what time it is. Well, better estimate or go out and find out from my car. Gotta talk with about three other insomniacs, but, well, there's no power.

God, it's cold and soggy and dark. It's been raining so much it's pulped the timbers in the mud room and the steady drips from the lake on its roof are not able even to drip anymore. It's just one little entirety of sopping in there, but if I want to go stare out into the blackness, it's where I go.

A great big truck is out there in the elements, maneuvering, about five different colored rotating lights, beeping, and it seems the power company knows exactly what happened and where, because it only took a little over an hour to restore the power.


I will now go back to bed.

pipe up any time....