for realz

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The sun is out. And it's slated to stay out for the next ten days. I can't tell you how good this feels to me right about now. We're talkin' COLD out there, ergo in here, for weeks. Last night was particularly cold. It was snowing just a couple hunnert feet up from me. I had to bring out my heating pad for my hands on my desk. Turn my blanket up to broil. COLD. It was freakin' COLD in here. So, it will probably get that cold again late at night plenty more, but at least it will be nice during the day and hold the heat well into the evenings now.

Good Christ, this past month has been severe. Relentless. Goddam MISERABLE here. And we didn't even get the massive flooding like the rest of the state. Our trees stayed upright. The storms were plumb awful, but not as terrible as the fear porn weather forecasters said they would be. All of that. But bad enough. Nobody was happy about it, but I have no heater.

So I got up and threw all my doors and windows open. Won't need hip waders in the mud room after, probably, tomorrow.


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