anyone out there doubting him

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Is either a member of the dumbed masses or flat out trying to get the toothpaste back in the tube. Sy Hersh NEVER just has one source and NEVER publishes with less than two confirmations, usually there's more. Everyone in DC, even to this day, knows they can talk with him and not be outed for it. If you think I might be exaggerating, look at how hard the PTB have been trying to marginalize him over the last ten or fifteen years.

I doubt I'll be able to find the audio — wrong, here it is — and note he doesn't accuse Hillary of it, because he has no proof — that augmented his reporting on Seth Rich's death, but that was bloodcurdling and TRUE. There's good reason to blame all suspicious deaths on Hillary.

Also, only people who are desperate for the TRUTH to get out will bother Sy Hersh. There have been efforts to replace him as our number one truth-telling journalist, but nobody's really come up to that standard even yet... of course, it's much harder now because the psychopaths MEAN BUSINESS about keeping your trap shut.

We are lucky Sy's still with us and lucid, at 85, because WWIII may hinge on the world knowing the truth and he's pretty much the last best hope.

TRUTH EXISTS. ALWAYS! It needs to be told. ALWAYS.

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