degeneracy today

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I hope Jimmy Carter is too senile to contemplate this stuff by now. I don't know if his big ideas about sanctioning instead of bombing and not going to the Olympics when we're mad at Russia were his own ideas, or if they were dictated to him, but they certainly have turned into doing EXTREMELY not-Christian things... perfect tools to bully the snot out of everyone in the path of world domination.

I know it wasn't his intention to harm people. I just know for sure it has turned into fattening the tool kit of globalist psychopaths.

Also, shooting down a flying object about the size of a small car over Alaska sounds perfectly reasonable to me. Drones. We are liable to be plagued by drones for a very long time, and they ALL need shooting down, but especially mysterious ones when our leaders are trying to turn our planet into 1984 world.

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