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Crimea is grateful. The WORLD should be grateful.


But it's not.
Emergency statement by the Joint Coordination Headquarters of the Russian Federation on Humanitarian Response in Ukraine

◽️ According to the information, confirmed by several independent sources, Ukrainian intelligence services intend to implement a large-scale provocation to accuse the Russian Federation of committing alleged 'war crimes'.

◽️ With this purpose, the Kiev regime has planned a guided explosion at the buildings of the narcological and oncological clinics (Alekseya Tikhogo st., 31), as well as the 1st hospital (Alekseya Tikhogo st., 17) in Kramatorsk to accuse Russia of the allegedly 'intentional attacks' against civilian facilities.

◽️ Journalists of Western mass media, accompanied by officers of the Security Service of Ukraine, have already arrived in Kramatorsk, and are currently accommodated in the 'Sapfir' hotel (Vrachebnaya st., 35).

◽️ At the same time, the staff of the healthcare facilities have not been evacuated yet. All the employees remain in remote working mode until special instructions.

◽️ The explosion of the healthcare facilities in Kramatorsk will be presented by Western mass media as another 'atrocity', committed by Russian forces, that will require a response from the international community, and an acceleration in supplying Kiev with long-range missiles for launching strikes at the territory of Russia.

◽️ Amidst the military failures of Ukrainian army, the Kiev authorities are trying to use these provocations for intensifying the pressure on the Western countries' public opinion in order to reach the amplification in the range of modern armament and military hardware to be delivered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


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It feels like Earth has been invaded by human-shaped monsters, no?

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