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Jimmy Dore is a machine, a fact-filled machine, so devoted to expressing what IS, lefties can't abide him. Maybe conservatives have some kind of record for being insensitive, but they're mostly family oriented people who want enough money left in their paychecks to raise their families. And, when you care about fundamental reality more than some politician's cover story, you get loud and fast on tv.

He was also on Russell Brand's podcast yesterday, talking about the rally in DC on 19 February. The one where liberals and conservatives get together to oppose this shit in Ukraine. I guess some of the organizers couldn't stop themselves from writing up a list of demands, saving the gay whales, probably, but Jimmy just said that no matter what those say, he's pleading with you to get there if you are against war.

I remember watching him on Joe Rogan. It was spectacular. He doesn't memorize stuff to go off about on video. He just dials it to his subject and pulls in all contributing factors on the fly. All of it true. He's flat out amazing that way.

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