putin's speech to the federal assembly

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I must say, they're getting better at simultaneous English translation. My problem is I want to hear Putin's voice and am always bugged that I can't understand it... think it would be cool if we could hear people speaking their own language in their own voice as speaking ours in their own voice. Sometimes I get superstitious about how humans can speak so many different languages. Seems wrong.

My teacher, a great linguist, was dismayed by my piggy American admission of this, but, I didn't mean it in a piggy American way. I meant and mean that I want humans, all beings, to speak the same language so we can all understand each other, just naturally, whatever language that is. If we were spiritually advanced creatures, we could even trust each other with a translation implant for this, but no. I'm dreamy. Don't pay it any mind.

I'll go over to Putin's blog now, and see if they have the transcript in English for those who'd prefer to just read it — BRB — okay, here, you can read it if you prefer.

pipe up any time....