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I have run into this, or a version of it, about eight times over the last week or so... and I do no longer even make intermittent rounds of the websites of Out There. No more paying attention to bliss ninnies to investigate what they are on about. None of that. I mean, I set out for my doctoral degree and ended up with three or four, so I think I've learned my lesson, okay?

One of the bits I picked up in Out There Harvard, though, was the earthquake/weather weapon uses for ionospheric heaters — you know, HAARP or HAARP-like arrays' outputs of fantastical amounts of electromagnetic radiation — which alumni of any regular school, even Harvard, thought was so preposterous. I couldn't dismiss this so roundly.

I remember Old Uncle Dave exclaiming that you can't affect weather without moving the ionosphere around, and I'm all hollering my head off that is what HAARP does! It's an ionospheric heater, and the goddam jet stream's gone off its nut in case the people of Texas haven't gotten through to you yet.

And there were the geologists who were noting that crossing the beams of some of their detection equipment had repeatably been causing mild earthquakes. That got hushed up, va pronto, but I caught that, and just because it's not nuclear radiation, does not mean that other kinds of radiation, like sound, do not have marked effects on the physical world. How many flocks of birds have to drop dead out of the sky at the intersections of crossed radars before that gets through people's heads?

So, I have no intention of digging around to see if this ambassador-removal thing is real, let alone possibly motivated by the foreknowledge of seismic activity, but it's worthy of note anyway... when taken together with the various "normal" people who are wondering aloud about it too.

pipe up any time....