i beat the rain back to my house

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I would feel almost smug about it if I were not so close to dead. I think I have to ask my doctor for a handicap plate. My five smished discs are turning me into a cripple at whim nowadays. It's not just when I lose to a dandilion or try too hard to get a sheet tucked in just so. No. I just suddenly go crippled whenever there is maybe a slight breeze a few blocks off or God changes his mind about something.

My discs just do it for no discernible reason now, unless you count movement itself.

I think it's almost poetic, in keeping with the times... my times and the world's times. I know the cosmos is just fine, though. Not worried about that one little bit. It's just us skinbags down here in meatspace who are such a wreck and many even worse wrecks than I am... especially the grinning evil ones.

pipe up any time....