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It gets harder and harder to keep track of which videos are which, SO many people are ripping off the audio and doing slide shows or one image screens of everything he says.


I think a lot of people have not forgiven him for brushing over DU so lightly. It startled me, too, but then I had a good think on the matter. When he was using it, he probably had NO idea of the lasting effects of the stuff. It was not as though the creators advertised it. They didn't care, but only knew the soldiers would, so they didn't tell.

And they have been lying about it for all the decades since, cranking out "studies" to dupe humanity. So, being as how I have heard nothing but very blunt and truthful assessments from this man all along, I do not believe he knowingly did it. Not even the biggest heroes in history have known EVERYTHING, let alone let themselves believe they were duped so egregiously.

He isn't a nuclear physicist. Has probably never even seen a good layman's explanation of it.

I think when it finally comes home to him that is what happened, he will admit it and repent. I still admire him greatly. I avidly await new input from him, because every time I hear him, my shoulders drop down to where they belong instead of up around my ears with stress.

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