the musicians are dancing

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On a rooftop in Bakhmut....

Which I find kind of strange today because I just woke up from a dream of musicians and drunk boyfriends. It had started that I was staying with someone very close to me, a relative or old friend, who lived in a sea of suburbia that stretched nearly across the whole state somewhere in the southern half of the state. We'd been awakened at dawn by very loud partying nearby.

I went out on her front porch and bellowed at the partiers, who were telling me to shut up and go away, but then I bellowed in a different voice and THEY shut up and went away. I remember mentioning this to someone in a bus home and he was impressed and telling me he wished he could use that voice.

Suddenly, I was in San Anselmo with a new boyfriend, young again, and he'd driven to meet me there, parked in the middle of the street in his tiny convertible and asked me to watch his groceries for a minute. I was feeling the mellons and other food items and wondering how he'd fit in there with all that stuff. He left me there too long.

So I went in the place he'd gone into to fetch him back. It was a bar, and he was at the end of it, dirt drunk, with a bunch of adoring fans swarming him. He's telling me not to worry about the groceries, and I'm telling him that, yeah, I'm going to stop worrying about them, and going back outside, where I run into a couple of musician friends.

I'm telling them, oh, great, a rock star convention. Fallen for one myself. Oh, yeah, who? And I'm telling them he's the lead singer from blahdeblah ultra-famous band, and they're laughing, and I'm realizing he's really short. I've fallen for another really short, drunk, guy. Anyway, guys, if you want to go play famous guys with him, he's in there. I got in his itty, grocery-filled car and drove it away.

IRL, I think I'd rather fall for a tller sober Wagner Musician if I were young again. You'd think I'd learn, but I'm forever picking manly and not afraid of me over money and anything, but the drawback there is only real men and complete idiots are not afraid of me, and it's hard to tell the difference when you are young.

pipe up any time....