why do i call them "psychopaths"?

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I might've been only ten, but I loved our president. I listened to every word he ever said in public, either at the time or via various media since. I deeply respected and loved all of it. I was giddy while listening to his inauguration speech, clapping and grinning and hugging couch pillows, with my mother not even staring at me like I was a space alien, being too caught up in it herself.

I call them psychopaths because they exhibit all the charactaristics of psychopaths, and indeed the worst ones, even killing. They may have remained unnamed all this time, but it is clear they blew JFK's head off precisely to be doing all the things they've been doing since. They were going to lose their chance at this stuff forever had he been allowed to live.

So when you want to impute the worst things to Putin or Xi or whomever else stands in their way, why don't you try instead to be grateful for their efforts to free humanity from their evil grip? That IS what they are doing, even if their motives might be more selfish than we'd like, and we do not KNOW that. Only think it.

Whatever is to come, it will NOT be worse than the globalist psychopaths who killed Kennedy have in store for us.

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