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Or even if you don't, I'm pretty sure the rest of the world, headed up by Russia and China, is sick to fucking death of the psychedelia and relentless perfidies of the United States and their gang of clown accomplices wrecking havoc on the whole world, NOT gonna take it anymore.

I'm reading accounts by locals in Ukraine and Russia has really stepped it up over the past few days. So, it seems, has China, and not just in terms of flattening Ukraine and its biolabs and skinheads, or surrounding Taiwan with Naval might, but also in their spectacular array of peace accords and renewed diplomacy between countries held apart by globalist psychopaths and their relentless destabilization missions... and the breathtaking speed with which they are de-dollarizing all "our" taxation by global currency.

So while, probably, none of them will lay a finger on us, our chickens are racing home to roost. I really wish it were not so near poetic justice.

Anyway, all this blather about leaked Pentagon documents preventing the Ukrainian counteroffensive is just blather to cover for the fact that we got nuthin and couldn't mount a counteroffensive in any sense of the term. This is just a ruse to cover for that fact, to stall for time, to drag it out, to try to execute some last-minute false flag, whatever filthy stuff is running through the mutant brains of the globalist psychopaths and their minions.

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