i'm sad about it

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I am sad. All the liberals who will NEVER vote Democrat again in their lives are convinced they will either cheat him out in the primary, or, and this seems to be said the most, believe they'll blow him to bits like they did his father and uncle and cousin.

If anyone could draw the votes away from Trump who still wouldn't win, and not for lack of votes, but another in-your-face steal, it would be Bobby, and while they probably want to humiliate Trump again, they WILL NOT be doing it for Bobby.

Maybe it will finally drive us to the Second American Revolution.

I don't know. It's got me sad. I was almost eight when his uncle was inaugurated and totally in love with his words and totally in love with him as president. Good and courageous and trying hard to make us live up to all our gorgeous ideals.

I loved Bobby Senior and was giddy because I knew he was going to be president. Knew it in my bones.

They took care of Teddy with the Chappaquiddick scandal that had not managed to drown him.

And they took care of John John just as soon as they knew for sure he was going for it, too. This is why I'm sad.

Bobby Junior is a GOOD man. He'd be a GOOD president. They will kill him if they don't manage to deter him some other way.

Too many people have been calling for him to run, and I have been telling them not to be so selfish. It's too much to ask of him.

Nobody ever listens to me, and now all I have is the hope he's already assured the psychopaths this will be a Dennis-Kucinich-like candidacy. You know, just to be heard in debates before going down.

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