not even ONE?

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Nobody legal in the ENTIRE administrative branch of OUR government?


Up all night doing battle with a plodder who insists the Writ is total bunk for its reliance on Judicial Code where Administrative Code belongs.
It does not matter if their citation is entirely erroneous. The facts they allege to back up their almost certainly erroneous claim are enough to show that a bunch of Biden Appointees are not legal office holders under 3332 and 3333. I'm pretty sure 1746 bit gets their writ thrown in the circular file, but they've shown in their exhibits that a few-to-many in the cabinet are not there legally. That can be remedied by those not-legal-officials, and I hope it is.

Even if they blew their Writ, there are grounds to sue for similar relief on that few-to-many.

Even if all of them actually did comply with those code sections at some earlier date, but the evidence is actually not recoverable and producible by the FOIA people or the appointees, making the affidavits needs to be done over immediately because they cannot prove they are legally holding office right now. If you cannot show you have complied with those code sections EXPLICITLY, apart from having gone through confirmation by the senate and having simply taken the oath, you are not a legal office holder. You are just a member of a big club and we ain't in it.

If some federal judge wanted to be a stickler about this, he or she could sock it to Biden's Appointees. I don't know what will happen, but it leaves me hoping that all that effort AT LEAST causes some changes in administrative procedure — putting up those properly-executed affidavits on the agencies' websites and making that paperwork be kept by the officeholders themselves as well as by the hulking megalith of our federal government, treating those US Code Sections and The People with the respect owed by and to all of us.
My only real reservation about the 1746 bit is that kind of rigor MIGHT also be due in the matter of executing the Appointee Affidavits. I'm not going to wallow around in the code or some damn government forms manual to check on that.

The part of this epic ordeal with the plodder who may yet not be done with me, only dropped from sheer exhaustion, that makes me happy is that it shows how off piste desperate people can get in their video appearances on the complicated system of pipes, shows how provisionally one must learn to take their pronouncements.

In this case, it took a dive into the Writ in question and some googling code sections to get to the heart of the matter, and it turns out they have shown that some current officeholders are either willfully or provisionally not holding office legally.

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