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Reminded me of GeorgeAnn Hughes, riddled with cancer and eating jam straight from the jar. "I know it's bad but I can't eat solid stuff." She had not just been diagnosed and needing help with a natural cure. She wanted someone who would not rob her blind to feed her dogs so they wouldn't feed on her when she died.


I'm all, GeorgeAnn. Right. Not even the doctors will try to kill you with chemo at this point, BUT they can spare you the pain, or at least some of it.

So, maybe you want to prevent cancer, or maybe you've even got it but won't do the oncology conveyor belt to your casket, maybe leave something for your kids instead of the vampires. You could give this a try. He starts out talking too fast, but ends up relaxing and you get the message. He's not a quack. Doesn't sell anything. Will send you an info packet and if it works for you, maybe you'll donate to his research project.

pipe up any time....