cowz are sensitive

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You might think they are placid or dull or impervious — maybe they are a tad impervious when they've been too busy grazing to keep an eye out for the rest of their herd — but they ARE very sensitive, and when upset about something, anything, they will make a heck of a racket so you know for sure that either you have blown it and need help, or they have and need help.

Whenever you get a chance, you should stop by a cow pasture and either moo with them or play them music. They LOVE music... slow music... no head banger or storm trooper metal... love songs, gentle chamber music or, of course, soulful Bluegrass. This brings them closer to listen and it calms their nerves.

Yes, yes, I eat them, but I also love them. They are wonderful critters, and few humans are able to stay healthy without them.

This is life on our planet. Every living thing has to eat other living things to stay alive. Plants are every bit as alive and sentient as cows and humans. We seem to be the only ones confused about this, though.

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