despite my "elitist" past

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I am an American. I am a woman. [NOT an American Woman in the shameful sense.] I have never been a racist. I have never been a homophobe. I've never not been antiwar. I have ALWAYS been an extremely liberal libertarian and constitutionalist human who believes we were put here to break the negative cycles, as my dear accidental Haida acquaintance once put into words for me.

For some cosmic reason, this morning, I came across these two memes while sipping coffee and puttering in the pipes, and they struck me as something very worthy of everyone's consideration.

No matter how silly, bombastic, tasteless, outrageous one ever wants to discount him for, the man DOES have insights into our country and how to make things much better than anyone else comes up with. I have found SO many flaws in his performance that make me mad, but they have not blinded me to his good points.

And a great many of those flaws were obviously born out of the EPIC fit pitched by spoiled rotten globalist psychopaths and the unbelievable numbers of people they are able to hypnotize or distract from the alarm bells that would have told them to examine their normalcy bias, the outright circus being made of our beloved morals and fellow feeling.

I don't want to have to vote for him again, but we really DO need to fix the apocalyptic mess we've made of our country AND that Western Civilization Gandhi had said he thought would be a good idea. It could end up that, once again, anyone who wants the chance to get our country back — to get right with the whole world someday — might not have a better choice on Election Day 2024.

It keeps running through my head that we should see Donald and Bobby, BOTH, up and disavow partisan politics, their political parties, and run together. Seems to me both of them are great AND each of them could make up for the other's weaknesses.

Why couldn't we do that?

pipe up any time....