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The Bakhmut/Soledar problem is solved. I know I have posted here about why it has been SO important, and why it was SO difficult to take away from the homicidal maniacs in Ukraine, but, in case yer new or old and going senile, this was the main hub of Western Ukraine's attempt to slaughter Eastern Ukraine's Ukrainians.

It was where they had all their munitions stored and such a fantastical array of trenches built to just hold forth there and blast the people of the Donbass, pulverize them with artillery. So, even though that whole area is now, by popular demand, no longer Eastern Ukraine, but Western Russia, the Kiev Regime would not LEAVE, and not only not leave, but kept replacing their dead troops with more troops.

Killers turn into the killed.

And whose side are "we" on? The killers' side. THAT has to stop.

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