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It's a great conversation, but what struck me the most was at the very end. MacGregor, a serious conservative, talking with Kennedy, a serious liberal, about the things most pressing for our country is wonderful listening, but THE thing that nailed me was how MacGregor ended it. He said, "Thank you," half a beat, "Sir," not like one would just being cordial with another, but like a military colonel would to the President of the United States of America.

That gentle vocal inflection of the use of that word in the military as opposed to how it is used by civilians. Now, you might think this would be just habit by MacGregor, but I listen to every single thing that comes up with him, even to the point of it being silly because he says the same things to different people, and the same people, so often. He uses "sir" in the civilian sense all the time when talking with civilians.

Not THIS civilian. It was definitely with a capital S and definitely with patriotic emphasis.

This may end up putting me into a deep quandary, voting-wise. I swore I would never vote for another Democrat for as long as I live, and I don't break my oaths, and I don't lie.

The thing that may save me from it is that the DNC will have no part of Bobby and keep him out of their convention at all costs, if their recent behavior is anything to go by. And THAT could leave him running as an Independent... so I could vote for him... IF the foaming psychopaths don't assassinate him first.


I mean, I hope he's not just trying to do an Ultra Dennis Kucinich with this business because lots of truly decent people can't take much more monster disappointment in their lives. Truly. On both sides. More and more people are going all in on Bobby for president.

And we're not just talking the United States here. They're from everywhere and they're getting noisier about it every day.

pipe up any time....