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How does this end up getting executed? We haven't seen ANY execution on anything uncovered in Congress in decades. That's why we ALL hate them. Either/both parties. They suck. They're all rotten, though a precious few are fun listening, which we do not, largely, do, even when they're fun because of the other WILDLY AGGRAVATING participants in each and every one of their committee hearings.

You can give this a hard skim if you are too sick of the subject, to get down to the nice little bit at the end, where we get a brilliant idea about getting to the kernel of this EPIC mess so we can restore our constitution to health. Except, even if we assume the seven together will/can cooperate enough to answer, which would never happen, but just assume it and with those answers the ENTIRE thing could be completely exposed, even though the media would either outright lie about it or simply not cover it — aside from C-SPAN — THEN what?

WHO is forced to go in and wipe out all the filthy agency procedures and administrative law under which all that filthy stinking shit has taken place? Who fires the little rats still employed? Who polices the agencies involved? And who goes to prison for it or even just gets humiliated all the way out of polite society forever? No one.

They're pit vipers, and just say you can get it all out of them by lashing them to their seats. They work for people with long lists of dead people who got too near them.

And they have legions of media-hypnotized zombies who will stick up for them! Go out and do all kinds of physical violence and create general mayhem, for paychecks cut by an Open Society Foundation tentacle, that will be called "mostly peaceful" to protest your audacity for calling these evil shits to the mat!

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