the content of their character

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Love REALLY IS love, and it's their character we love.

Not the victim shtick.

Not the boiling resentments over shit that happened centuries ago, or would never be happening at all without the ceaseless "equity" bleating of identitarians, while psychopaths stoke it for fun and profit, while our civilization crumbles to such a pathetic state we can't even inspire young people to risk themselves to defend us anymore.

We have this extra day off every year PRECISELY because we used to have these values. We need to wrest goodness back from the jaws of corruption. ALL of us. Listen to that man, NOT the lies being spread about him. Do WE have someone as competent to rescue OUR country from the same evil forces?

Does it occur to you they hate him SO much precisely because he saved Russia from them already? Is that really okay with you?

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