a little levity

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Where, really, there is very, very little to be found. I am seeing SO many horror stories from those who are detransitioning, and am SO appalled and hurt by the outrageous suicide statistics, that really this shouldn't have made me heh even a little, but... since I can even remember, dark humor has always lightened it up for me.

Come to think of it, that would have to be the case. If one feels so deeply for the miseries in the world, jokes about it can hardly miss lightening the heavy pall for a moment.

I have only ever had personal experience with two transexuals, one of each kind. I begged the young woman to just try being homosexual first and she, now ostensibly "he", is married to a gay man. I guess that ends up being heterosexual by circuitous default.

The other was a man who had managed to make himself look like a football player in a wig, who hated his estrogen perscription so much for making him fuzzy-headed he would not take it. He just completely lost his shit whenever you even hinted at him ever once having been a male. I finally had to take his inventory, so to speak, and wrapping it up by telling him that getting a new hairstyle is NOT womanhood, that bullying people into relating with him as though he were a woman just DOES NOT cut it. If he's even still alive I'd be surprised.

But, really, is any of this actually SO important we have to ignore that the people running our country are criminals, war criminals, utterly in power completely illegally and have turned most of the world against us for good?

Tearing our country apart ON PURPOSE.

Is any of this going to make it okay to have to starve to death after everything we've already been through?

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