clown world

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I remember a time when it was okay to be gay, as opposed to it being trendy. I remember a time when, to a marked degree, "content of our character" had finally overtaken race barriers for the most part, and where races were still in the grip of oppression, whites were among them. I remember when we finally could see the end of some of the very worst things in our culture.

We were even really near a very reasonable compromise on the matter of abortion.

I was feeling that my generation had ended up making real progress happen, maybe even just despite ourselves. Yes, the kids were getting pretty far out there on the extremes of culture-denial fashion trends, but that's kids. I had started to think even that the rest of the world was going to beat the corporations, the oligarchs, the globalist psychopaths out of their WWIII, that there still might be skirmishes here and there, but countries were mostly shaping themselves into workable independent units.

I was then distracted from it to work my frazzled butt off to beat some Wall Street thugs out of decimating tens of thousands of acres of redwood timberlands... which just happened to be when Clinton was "peacekeeping" in the former Yugoslavia. Had I not been SO busy accomplishing my big impossible feat of environmentalism, I think maybe I'd've lost my feeling of hopefulness about the future of my country and the world right there.

So, yeah, I was too dreamy... but there really were blatant signs of sense about to prevail in almost all directions. Then the 2000 election was stolen for Dubby, then 9/11, then everyone lost their shit, all kinds of anti-American activity going on in the government of the United States, then Obama mops the floor with them, out anti-Americans them by many orders of magnitude, even in the anti-Russian department, until finally Donald Trump, of all people, saves us from the antichrist, only to have the cabal of subhuman power mongers blow up into a planet-swallowing evil-generation machine... which is where we find ourselves now.

I remember when clowns were happy and bright instead of terrifying and dark.

"You vill eat zee bugs."

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