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Little-known fact: I have found that a great deal of evidence that my sleep circus misery is almost certainly attributable to electrosmog. If I could live in a tent somewhere out in the boondocks, I'd almost certainly cease being disabled by the circus of sleep disorders that plague me.

As I suspected, my great melatonin trick that had been stoking up my smoldering coals of stored sleep benefits has ceased to be as magical as it had been for quite a few weeks. NB: I am fully aware of how lunatic this sounds. It so happens that it stopped working its magic right as it was reported that the sun had just blasted us with a big CME.

And before you leap to another point of disbelieving, no, I didn't find out about the sun blasting us so hard that it messed up my sleep restoration project until two days after it had begun happening.

So, yeah, these are anecdotal sleep circus experiences, but they are worth noting because the similarly-afflicted turn out to be legion. Our ranks are growing.

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