for people still using weaponized media

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You need to understand that it IS now "legal" for our own government to mindfuck us every bit as badly as every other enemy on earth. Think Tokyo Rose and Hanoi Hannah. That's what they are doing to us.

Contrary to headlines, UKRAINE DID NOT SHOOT DOWN KINZHAL MISSILES OVER KIEV... or anywhere else. They were not even being attacked.

If you just listened to the young man in the image link, you will be suspecting I'm telling you the truth already, but to make sure you GET it, here is the peace delegation of African leaders who were in Kiev on the day of the fairytale bombing effort.

They went from Kiev the next day to Peter. President Putin was there in order to give his speech at the overwhelmingly successful economic forum being held there, and that is where the world got the unequivocal confirmation that the war WAS going to be over more than a year ago....

Not only is the Kyiv Regime incapable of stopping an incoming Kinzhal missile, but so is everyone else, but even if you are determined to stay ignorant of missile physics, and the actuality of the fighting itself, you might be able to agree that there is no way on earth Russia would have tried to bomb Kiev on the very day that a mass of their friends from Africa were coming with their Fair World Order pleas for peace.

Turn off your tv. Stop reading the narrative machine's filthy lies. We have NOT been "spreading democracy". We have been sowing instability and paralyzing the third world for fun and profit. They're not gonna take it anymore.

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