havana syndrome

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Yep. I have indeed been up all night. I listened to this CIA guy telling about his long career in the field and how it abruptly ended when he got zapped by something in a fancy hotel in Moscow. He's the one she mentions having to retire because his headaches and vertigo were SO bad he couldn't function anywhere near up to speed.

Which was not really such an interesting interview you'd want to go for three hours to get that point. So I just made it, in order to convey that I immediately knew the recent "news" that this syndrome is all a lot of diplomatic hysteria, when it's clearly NOT attributable to that in very many cases, is good old pure hooey.

And much as it would seem to be Russia as most likely perpetrators, I'm thinking that might not actually be as likely as even I am admitting to myself would seem apt here... I can even add things they're NOT talking about to bolster their case for it... but maybe I'm going to be sounding too much like Granny Fussbudget here... so I'm just going to say there would even more likely be, let's just say, not-exactly-state actors doing this.

But it IS real, and someone IS doing it, and it seems they CAN widen and narrow their target range with ease.

Also, it may help explain the irrationality gripping Western "leadership" lately.

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