i think i need to take notes

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Despite my big victory with the melatonin trick, there are now cropping up times when it has NO effect, and I'm NOT going to sleep short of a chill pill. So happens that there is a seeming correlation with sun activity on the days where my trick doesn't work, and, now, when neither trick nor pill has been employed.

An evening nap took me yesterday. It was good, and solid and a couple of hours of dream sleep. It felt great, but I was really worried that meant no dice for sleeping in the actual night and getting up in the actual morning.

Well, after that wonderful nap, I slept another three hours. After that, around midnight, listening to Drago from bed, I dropped out until one this afternoon. We're talking approximately eighteen hours sleep in the last twenty-four.

You should have seen me. You should see me now.

Sweaty, goopy, groggy wreck.

I might have my bearings by seven or so....

SO, now I'm going to be paying attention to this stuff, to see if I can nail down electromagnetic interference to account for the wild swings in sleeping or not, despite my big advance in sleep quality insurance.

SINCE they can't be trusted to come up with the science for me, I'm goddam conducting it myself. And I can't leave out cell towers either.

pipe up any time....