shame month

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Read this. ^^^^^ You idiots! Read it. ^^^^^

I'm bawling here. You IDIOTS!

Do you realize the mortal pain one feels when one has understood at last the SIZE of the civilizational and personal devolution that comes of wasting SO many decades of life saturated in gonadal imperatives, of that saturation invariably winning over every other thing? The self-recrimination? The misery of being too old to fully repent your idiocy?

Is that what's driving your lunacy? Your viagra prescriptions and hormone treatments?

Do NOT even begin to suppose I'm homophobic, OR racist, or any of your other facile and moronic deflections from your ACTUAL culpability in this PLAINLY PSYCHOPATHOLOGICAL and FRANKLY DEGENERATE wreckage you've allowed to take over the West.

WHY is it okay with you to make a CIRCUS out of human relations?

WHY isn't it okay to just go back to letting people — gay, straight, any race, any creed — be who they ARE and, yes, love who they love, without turning it into the tool for subhuman maniacs to rule the world?

We were THERE.

But, no, not good enough to legally recognize domestic partnerships as having ALL the same benefits and duties as marriage, we gotta ram it down the throats of not just every church on the face of the earth, but every person on the face of the planet, and run around like a bunch of demented circus savages TO MAKE IT PERFECTLY PLAIN THAT WE ARE NOT DECENT HUMANS, we're just savages.

When all the gays ever wanted was just to be normal humans because they ARE normal humans, and all the blacks and indians and whomever-the-heck-else-you-want-to-name ever wanted was just not to be left in the dirt like the billions of oppressed people all over the globe, because, guess what, they ARE normal humans.

No, no, we can't just go forward on the IMPECCABLE premise that the content of our character is the controlling attribute, when no matter WHAT, it NEVER is any other thing, except where money and violence can be applied.

You have to keep losing to your existential terror at EVERY turn, don't you?


You don't want to be alienated from "polite" society, no matter HOW savage and utterly destructive it actually is.

You're not really interested in actually functioning as a fully-rational and moral adult human because it's too much goddam work for your endocrine-disrupted self in a world where not only are you addicted to the toxins and brainwashed into following your fellow herd animals down the perfectly medicalized chute, but so locked in panic you grasp for the "cure" for all the SHAME you feel, using their motherfucking encylopedia of pre-fab and media-circulated EXCUSES to avoid the burden of REAL adulthood.

There it is! On a silver platter! You can think well of yourself while the world burns down! Just defend mutilating children and Bob's yer uncle! Insist people with penises are women! You won't ever have to worry you'll be perceived as someone who might be part of the mob that goes to tear the FILTHY SPACE ALIEN REPTILES in DC limb from limb.

Freak out immediately upon hearing or seeing even the vaguest reference to anything from all those jackasses in dresses and their imaginary cosmic friend.

No, this month, we must do everything in our power to obliterate that old saw about pride going before a fall.

Also, apparently, the one about living and letting live.


Yes, I'll play Russian Roulette with your filthy Mengele injections! In FACT, I'll even shun and cancel anyone who dares suggest they are population control implements from a subhuman elite if you will only give me a chance to make it from my A to my B still able to hold a cross in front of it to my last breath.

I tell you what, no psychopath ever lost out overestimating your compulsion to think well of yourself! How many trips around the sun have you been swallowing back your shame to SEEM innocent? Or let your existential terror turn you into a veritable bottomless pit of fizzy-frantic virtue signals? How much greed, hate and delusion will you both generate and let operate on this planet before you STOP your idiotic efforts to paper over fundamental reality with THIN AIR?

The price is now millions and millions and millions of HUMAN lives, AND you'd rather come here and trample ME to death than EVER trample those murderating corrupt freaks' self-proclaimed prerogatives!

Do you honestly prefer to be vaporized over facing yourself and your culpability here?

pipe up any time....