sing song solipsism

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Just sort of skips over the parts about the effort to change over from rule by capitalist vampires to a fair shake for the people, while not understanding fully the ways the vampires can still suck you dry.

I remember Jimmy Carter coming up with a nonviolent way to impose enmity on other countries, thinking, of course, that sanctions would squeeze governments into no longer sustaining themselves. Well, it pretty quickly became apparent that governments were not going to let that happen to themselves. It would happen to their people instead.

So, as quickly, sanctions became a way to convince the people of other countries to overthrow their governments, starvation being THE way to get them on that task... except, they ended up just starving instead... which proves the ancient truism that nothing good is all good and nothing bad is always all bad... say, you could break your leg and it would end up saving you from the press gangs roaming Ukraine for unwilling ground meat, or win the lottery and get so excited you drop dead of a heart attack.

Still, the SCO figured out a way to turn the tables on the sanctions-addicted Collective West, and it's been spectacularly effective already, and very well might end up making us starve, for once, instead. Maybe even me in the first wave.

Anyway, here we have one of those pleasing indoctrination voices, telling us that Venezuelans are too unsophisticated and too easily corruptible to save themselves.

This fine mess has ended up giving US employers a steady flow of cheap labor, Democrats a steady flow of dumbed voters, just when Venezuela is becoming able to get out from under the thumb of the oppressors, making deals with Russians to solve their problems with both refining and sales of their number one commodity and bringing their economy into shape for other industries to flourish, but... ahem... Sing Song, here, doesn't mention that part.

Still, he does, despite himself, manage to illustrate how fallible socialism actually is when humans are in charge of it... and no, AI won't fix that. It would only make it yet harder to reason our way out of.

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