sleep circus entertainers take note

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Maybe the reason melatonin supplements never helped even a little is that they were not melatonin or they were much too weak or you never tried dumping some of the pure melatonin powder into a little kefir and drinking it at night.

It is really still too early to tell for sure, and it's not a cure, at last, but it has been helping me in a major way for more than a month now... so I'm needing to tell you to try this with kefir when it's getting late and you know you are not going to be falling asleep for ludicrously many hours. Within an hour you will be finding yourself wanting to go to bed, and there is a VERY good chance you will NOT be lying there pleading with the buddhas of the ten directions to give you a break.

Your break will have hit you before you get the chance to be that miserable.

And your EPIC sleep quality problems won't be ruining everything for you either.

Murphy delivered me into this world and has had me in a stranglehold all my life, and maybe declaring this to you at this point is really only notice to him to cause the little kefir bugs to stop delivering the melatonin into my cells, but, holy crap, the stuff DOES work if you do it right!

First time I did it, I dropped so hard and so deep I bit my tongue in my sleep AND DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT. I just woke up the next day with a funny feeling on my tongue and a blood blister there. It hasn't been THAT intense ever since, but I've already done all the science on the big question of whether you can or cannot catch up on lost sleep.

You can, and you should. You just have to find what will allow it to happen at all.

Try it! OMFG It could literally save your life.

Joely sent me some a couple years ago because, even if it doesn't help you sleep, it is maybe THE best antioxidant of all, and is HUGE help for recovering from illness or injury or bouts of old age. He didn't want me dying of the coof, which I was not going to do, but better safe than sorry. So I was grateful for this bit of ammo in my bag of tricks.

It struck me one day last month, that I should stop saving it for in case of illness and just be taking it to keep me in some kind of shape to function through the everlasting sleep deprivation problem. I believe now that not only the purity, but also the aid of the kefir bugs, could one day overcome the advance of senility, and keep me lucid enough to get from A to B in my dotage.

Old people! Sleep nitwits! Humans!

I think I have discovered something key to our survival.

pipe up any time....