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I spent too long learning about the truth from myself, with the guidance of a true master, to look at this psychedelia every single day now.

One of the most difficult for me was our very planet, my love of it, my particles all mad to uphold it in every breath, in every heartbeat. Same with humans, in all our idiocy and brilliance and creepiness and beauty.

I implore you to turn off your tv, tune out of politics, get your face away from your phone.

I get it, you want to be up-to-speed and there are not enough minutes in the day to do that if you don't find hacks, shortcuts, upon which or whom you can rely. Maybe make a list of issues, a little pile of nuts you need to crack, and pluck them one at a time from your little bowl of uncracked nuts when you otherwise would've been vegging in front of the boob tube.

There are literally millions of places on the internet you can go to get opinions and science on almost anything that concerns you. Remember when I was doing my doctoral work in Out There? Remember when I went flipping nuts over the ASSHOLES doing idiocy by way of "climate science", what? Ten? Fifteen years ago?

You know, all those Karens scolding about face masks and vaccinations and the new normal while your head was exploding? The whole time they were screaming "SCIENCE" at the top of their lungs? It never even fazed actuality.

The actual has stayed the truth through every bomb ever dropped on it.

You can determine the actual.

All by yourself.

AND you are the only one you can trust to get that done.

pipe up any time....