66.5k acres and 0% containment

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Yes, I decided to come home now that power is happening, and to go down with the neighbors if the fire comes down on us, rather than face anymore spawn-of-Satan television.

It struck me very late last night, whilst contemplating on the deck with a cigarette, that half the Forest Service employees and equipment are gone, and the old "fire is natural" approach to toasting marshmallows on most of our fires until they come swallow people's homes and businesses is all about THEY HAVE NO MONEY LEFT.

That awful derailment that dumped chemicals all over people's lives in Ohio? The Maui Fire getting enough aid to pay for a night's lodging and maybe dinner and drinks if they work it right? And nobody able to fly infrared flights because the planes are broken... or even communicate and function well enough to keep the public up to the minute on the status of the monsters? Well... THERE'S NO MONEY LEFT in the agencies' budgets.

It's all going to Ukraine so that Zelenskyy won't rat out Brandon's, and a BUNCH of other politicians', corruption. Simple as.

You wonder how they can spend all that money. Wonder no more. They're taking it from the agencies.

Anyway, today, the winds have been out of the northwest, which means they didn't get any closer to my house. They're currently threatening people in Oregon instead. That probably won't last.

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