an evening of deduction and crude map comparisons

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Foaming at the mouth, convinces me that barring high winds from the east, I'm not going to be burnt to cinders, but there are a bunch of Tolowa potentates who might get it right in the kisser if the damn agencies don't get their act together pretty soon.

The good news is that the nearest fire in the complex is burning on VERY rocky ground. Trees are sparse there, but I reckon the grass and brush are not so sparse, and can, of course, easily hop the north fork of the Smith and start charging the rez big shots, who are on alert for evacuation right now.

If it comes their way, it could easily shoot right down Rowdy Creek and nail me.

But it probably won't. The tribe might even have kids out there right this very now, making sure it can't hop the Smith.

But, if you will eyeball this map, you might join me in wondering how our splendiferous "just in time" groceries are going to get here. Maybe by air. Heh.

pipe up any time....