i just got a robo call from the power company

[click image]


It was alerting me to the fact that they've had to cut power to communities in this huge wildfire complex that has yet to see air support, and they may next have to cut the lines that run to Crescent City and Smith River.

After going to their outage page as instructed, I don't know more.

After visiting the Inciweb page, I have a faint clue.
Additional resources, including water dropping helicopters, are expected to arrive to the fire today and will be deployed along the Highway 199 corridor in an effort to minimize the impact of the fires to critical infrastructure.
I reckon if they get them, they won't cut my power, but if they don't they probably will, and if they do that, I am in HUGE trouble, okay?

I will be forced to bug out... with stuff I'm too feeble to carry... EVEN if the fires don't get any nearer to me. So I'm going to try to keep this post at or near the top here.

The unstated problem is: they do not have the manpower or the equipment to fight these fires or even to update the perimeter maps on the internet. They have grown from about 900 acres total on the evening of the 16th to 7300 acres, zero containment. Whatever personnel they do have are no doubt busy keeping fire away structures and going to give up if they don't get air support.

This is not official. It's my experience reading between their lines talking. But, truly, if the power company is siccing its robo caller on us, I'm not far off the mark.

My own situation DEMANDS that I have full control of my computer and access to the internet just now. So even if the fire won't get to me, I might very well have to get away from it anyway.

This is not a drill.

pipe up any time....