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I do this, link you to him everytime I find him, because listening to sane, moral, manly, blunt people is better than being showered in diamonds. So even if you don't want to listen, you should click through and notice what people leave under the videos.

Humans can tell.

Humans know the truth when they hear it. Many of them skip over that part too easily because of all the beaten paths forged by perceived or real interests. Sometimes the truth does not serve your livelihood. This is the crossing into hell. Yeah, you think your livelihood is a righteous cause. It's not more righteous than the truth, than the actual.

Never has been.

When you vociferously advocate for lies that serve your livelihood, you are LITERALLY sending people to their deaths. As you can readily see, some people are okay with that kind of Darwinism. They console themselves that it's okay because "survival" — being the monkey who corners that last banana — is the highest order imperative of all living beings.

You know, a psychopath.

I know it gets repetitive. There are almost always added bits and nuances that are helpful, edifying, ultimately soothing, just because they're true, no matter how ugly or frightening. Still, if you feel you can't eke out the time, maybe just looking at the top comments for a minute can reassure you.

pipe up any time....