living in chaos and a macgregor bonus

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Yesterday began at three ayem, with the need to call the paramedics. Lots of VERY handsome young men came in and drilled us and carted Billy off to the hospital. Berit and I got our ducks in a row and followed later, over the mountain and through the pandemonium of the modern world to the hospital. The whole day was a tangle of telephone conversations and credit cards and nibbles on cold fast food. We dropped at approximately 7pm and slept through the night for the first time in some days.

Hospice people are WONDERFUL. It's just they come at you fast and plentifully when you are in the least optimal shape for dealing with them. Before a peaceful demise comes pandemonium... strangers rattling off information so fast your worried mind tries to run for cover.

Other than that, all is about as well as can be, and the sound of the ocean out the window helps SO much.

pipe up any time....