the circus is back in town and loud

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Or my brain finally has its foot down — demanding repair time for all the misfiring frayed neurons and squirts of synaptic activity boring holes in the gray matter — whatever. I've been sleeping and sleeping and sleeping the past couple days, swimming through my waking hours, and generally good for almost nothing.

Little-known FACT: not only ain't getting older for sissies, BUT you have to completely re-learn your own body's and mind's new limits over and over and over and over until there's nothing left here to do the re-learning. Holy crap.

This is awesome stuff, AND ludicrous, just STUPENDOUSLY ludicrous.

And you have to look at stuff like this right here and know it for what it really is; to wit: not really so exaggerated and even might be happening strictly so we will not be unhappy about facing our deaths.

Now I have to go find my greatest neighbor on earth, who might be off chasing women again, OR her silly computer phone might just be malfunctioning AGAIN... one can never tell with that magnificent old dyke... a model for everyone facing the journey into the grave... EXCEPT for her disregard of health and feet, piling in the sweets, to keep happy enough to chase women in the local tribal casinos.

She's got FOURTEEN years on me in this game of not being too big a sissy to stay alive.

pipe up any time....