you KNOW he's not lying

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Not EVEN exaggerating. It's never not plain truth coming out of Lavrov. He is maybe THE greatest diplomat the world has EVER seen, and even if you are a nasty person who does not like or trust anything to do with Russia, Sergey Lavrov is BIGGER than a rock star, AND he's got some already rock star underlings. If anyone left in the West had an OUNCE of sense left, we'd be sending bright young people to Russia to study under Sergey Lavrov.

You CAN'T be a liar. You CAN'T break your word. You MUST be truthful and reasonable beyond the beyond to be an asset to your people, an asset to ALL people, EVERYWHERE.

No. REALLY. Stop and think about it.

We do not stand a chance if we don't have SOLID diplomats... and we absolutely do NOT have them now. NONE of them. State has been an absolute cesspool for waaaaaay too long. It MUST change.

Or we're toast. The whole rest of the world will swat us — splat — like bugs... and we will have deserved it richly. So, truly, THINK about this.

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