struth, dudes

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They're doing this to our gay friends, too... using the sweet call of victimhood to victimize them in perpetuity. Every last one of the people the maniacs vow they are trying to uphold are experiencing pain and cognitive dissonace and despair from this action, WHEN all along, the homophobia and racism that were once alive and well in our society were already all but dead when they started this woke bullshit.

It's ONLY not bullshit when you realize we're all being played by vicious psychopaths who have their hypnosis game down pat... blocking the capacity of the average human to do precisely that which everyone holds dear... critical thinking. When I ask you what you CALL the world, I'm not whistling Dixie, friends.

EVERYTHING hinges on what you only call it. It's why you need that critical thinking in ACTUALITY, in fundamental reality, as opposed to what you are only calling "critical thinking." Your university degrees will not help you with this... may in fact hinder you in the discerning of my meaning here.

Just TRY dammit.

EVERYTHING depends on it.

pipe up any time....