gay people

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I'm with Putin on this, or maybe even Putin is with me on this.


You will never be "normal" from it. It will keep you down. You ARE "normal" without that shit. You are just exactly like everyone else. We are all unique individuals. We are all human. Legally-speaking you have no leg to stand on in Western Civilization. Socially-speaking, YOU are creating the problem, a problem that was almost completely disappeared before you started in with all this in-your-face circus stuff. Like the idiot feminists... on steroids.

You are, EVERYONE is, accepted by society when you are not doing this, when you are being your ordinary self, not holding loud parades for yourself, not subjecting us to a whole month of your silly colors and trying to out-outrageous each other for our [negative] attention. Parents and some mistaken religious nuts are NOT made ashamed of their fears and concerns by that action. They are hardened against you when you do that stuff. Just as you have a right to love who you love, THEY have a right to their fears for their children and to their weird religious convictions. In the United States, nobody sane can say you are not created equal, that the constitution does not include you. CHILL.

Not only are you hurting others. You are hurting yourselves. AND whether people are born gay is for THEM to determine WITHOUT you butting in! You might want to open counseling centers for young people who are struggling, but ADVERTISING? BIG DISRUPTIVE MARCHES? Corporate sponsorships?


If you are like the rest of us, and I know you ARE, you cut it with the circus atmosphere and the rabies on the subject. It is NOT your business to "save" others' kids who are in the throes of puberty. Their parents will do that, or they can get counseling to help them make it to 18 without having sexual or gender identity foisted upon them.

I've been watching. This is pretty much all Putin is saying, too. QUIT ADVERTISING. Be who you are. A normal person. And that will do more for your own self-worth and for others' comfort and for a cleaner and stronger society.

I'm positive about this.

And you are holding antiquated grudges... that only serve to prolong the residual trouble AND recruit more enemies. I have had many gay friends in my day — too many of them dead — and only two of long standing in my heart left in my life. They are not pretending and neither am I. We're dear friends. THAT'S what happens in EVERYONE'S lives when we lay off the 'tude and relate like regular humans.

This "movement" business is not your friend, not your strength, not good for ANY of us. We need unity, NOT this circus.


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