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Whoever did all that work to establish "virgin historical accuracy" ignores that the British Mandate flag was flown over historical Palestine... that the colors of the Arab Resistance against the Ottoman Empire, shared with other Arab nations, are flown by Palestine in its resistance against the British and American Empire known as Israel.

It also ignores that though the Arabs never established precise countries, with precise borders, like Europeans did, they had tribal areas that were very well established for centuries... millennia... and Palestine might have bled over into, say, Jordan, and Jordan might have bled into Palestine somewhat, but it had not been a problem for Palestinians and Jordanians for all that time... or Syrians, or Lebanese, or Saudis, or Egyptians. The tribes worked it out between each other.

Britain forced borders and governments all across North Africa and the Middle East and even up into Pakistan and Afghanistan. A huge swath of the planet ought rightly to be known to Western Pinheads as "Tribal Area", meaning, enter at your own risk, deal with the tribal heads no matter how confusing it gets, fuck outta here with your borders and contracts with people who have no right to contract... but nooooooo, ruling the world means we have to take this in discrete chunks and you're going to adhere to our chunks or die.

Also, the Golan Heights is NOT established Israeli territory. No one ceded it to them. They are occupiers there sort of like U.S. troops in Syria right now. Palestine was NEVER "a land without a people". It was full of Palestinians, even when the Ottoman Empire claimed it. It had lots of Jews living there peacefully for centuries before the horse shit from WWI, but even through the British Mandate, even right up to this minute. Palestine, like the Golan Heights, was never ceded to Britain or to Israel. The resistance remained intact, through all the atrocities perpetrated upon them.

What's different now is they have modern weapons... and communications. Just about everybody in the former Ottoman Empire — Sunni or Shia or Christian or Jewish — except the European Jews — understands each other perfectly and they speak with each other. They speak the same language. Resistance.

In case you didn't know, or had forgotten, Nasrallah's speech two days ago made it pretty clear to anyone who could listen, without interference from the propaganda-encrusted sections of their brain preventing understanding, that the centuries-old resistance is not dead.

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