i miss competence

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Fifteen years ago it was possible to get perfect weather forecasts online. Ten years ago, it was both harder and with more ways to dig up the truth. For at least the last five years there has been almost no ability to get anything reliable. The site I have been using for about ten years has gone from close enough 100% of the time, to almost never close enough, just changing it up hourly to make it look like it might've been correct an hour before.

Earlier in the week it said it would rain today, but then there would be five or six days of sunny and mostly sunny. Look at it now. WTF, man. This is STUPID. At last count, our MILITARY knew to the minute when each and every weather condition would befall our troops across the globe. Is that shot, too, or do they just maintain the pros for military purposes alone and diversity hire the rest?

So I will be busy putting out pots and towels to catch the leaks, and turning on the broiler in the broken oven to warm things a bit and dry things a bit... and preying the plastic ceiling above my bed doesn't split open.

I have to say, this place has remained semi-doable much longer than it looked to me it could possibly hold up, but aside from my now indestructable-by-rodents dryer vent and a couple bankrupting bits of plumbing repair, we may be looking at condemnation by the local potentates and a desperate search for a serious army tent.

pipe up any time....