way too lame against greaseslick

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What about the thousands of old people he murdered by refusing to use the hospital ship Trump provided AND in accordance with the other governors who were putting covid patients in NURSING HOMES so the geezers could go to hospital and be killed by respirators, eh?

What about the brownie points services almost nobody got during his mother fucking ILLEGAL lockdown?

What about the COPS stationed outside grocery stores to enforce illegal mask mandates?

What about not listening even to his OWN state's most illustrious experts on the matter of injecting people with dire poison that had NO effect on the fucking novel cold it was supposed to prevent and you were a piece of shit who ought to be killed for pointing that out?

What about the disgusting mess he made of San Francisco?

What about the horse shit gun laws he's signed?

What about his


hypocrisy, his repeated worse-than-Bojo flouting of his own fucked up and illegal decrees?

I could go on but my stomach is starting to boil and this could get way too vivid even for cyberspace.

pipe up any time....