you know, there for a few years

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I could not eat wheat without barfing my toes up not long after. I stopped eating grains at all for a few years. Then I would eat other grains, but not wheat, and now I'm eating wheat again without barfing up my toes. I think it may have been a detox I needed, and now I'm both careful about what bread I buy and I still try to keep the grains down to a dull roar.

Of course, sometimes I have to eat oatmeal for days until I can afford food again.

So I get it why you'd be skeptical about food toxins, but I don't think I'm EVER going to understand how SO many people went batshit crazy over a a novel cold virus, and still crazier over a not-a-vaccine that was full of KNOWN dire toxins and killed the twenty-five mice they tested it on before they rushed it to every corner of the planet.

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