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I would just like to say that in terms of innovation, Russia has definitely replaced us on that front... at least in terms of what is publicly available. I have a feeling that we may have some much more impressive stuff than we appear to have, but I'm also pretty sure we can't afford to put it into full operation.

OR if Admiral Janeway and Granny Fussbudget are right, they're using it all on that immortal secret space program — refusing as they do to recognize that huge chunks of what everyone calls "finance" are just swept away with a magic wand — also not accounting for the trillions it takes to keep the psychopaths' "sleeper cells" on side across the globe.

Don't get me wrong, there ARE trillions gone missing, and black projects would be funded that way, but black projects do NOT extend strictly to space adventures. Right now we are privy to things like Musk's Boring Company and the Palestinians' VERY deep underground tunnels, which are not simply tunnels but also sleep troops and store supplies and come complete with their own hospital, none of which are at or near the surface of the planet.

Pardon me, but that shit takes MONEY.

Right here in River City, aka EARTH.

And, again, those sleeper cells are NOT little four or ten or twenty man prospective doers of dirt. No. They also can't all be bought for chump change. No. If you are to rely on them, you have to make them rich. They have to be part of the 1% in their third world shitholes, and their troops have to be able to feed their families, even when all they might be doing at any given moment is training in the doing of dirt.

That's underlying the not-as-covert teams of shit disturber "grassroots opposition" experts who swing into action on call and also pay for the tractors getting to capitols anywhere... and for the "farmers" driving them... except, of course, currently, in The Netherlands.

I think they hate Russia so much because it's not falling for that noise, expelling or imprisoning anyone in on it, not letting the globalist psychopaths' covert infiltration mechanisms get up and running, or stay that way anytime they've had some successes.

So, they just keep relying on their nuclear deterrent to keep Russia from getting too uppity too quickly, and their networks elsewhere to keep other countries from being brave enough to fully jump ship and get with the Fair World Order. Psychopaths are clunky, even if they do learn chess moves. Their drive to win everything always blinds them to the gestalt, especially the flow of it, of the everything they are bent on winning.

I guess I'm saying that if you want your kids and grandkids to live prosperous and civilized lives, you might want them living in Russia, or at least learning fluency in the language.

No. Really. People keep forgetting that aircraft carriers are now subject to obliteration at ANY moment by deadly-accurate hypersonic missiles, and so are DUMBs not sufficiently deep underground... that navies are all but completely doomed already. Also that many of the places our good old slobbering psychopaths want to force into abjection to their will are already armed with the deadly-accurate hypersonic missiles that can obliterate whole countries WITHOUT resorting to nukes. So if you have any interest in a civilized posterity, you might want to consider this warning.

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